Friday, July 3, 2009

Tofu Salad

Okay, so since I became a vegetarian, I have liked taking dishes I used to like that contained meat and making the either vegetarian or vegan. This dish is twist on Chicken Salad and it is vegan! You are going to need extra firm tofu (frozen, then defrosted and drained), vegannaise (I make my own with silken tofu, but you can buy this at Whole Foods), celery, walnuts, grapes, a pinch of cayenne pepper and salt and pepper to taste. I cut the tofu into really small cubes and then sauteed it until the sides were a golden brown, then you just mix it with all the other ingredients, and wah-la! Toficken Salad! Throw it on a vegan pita with some lettuce and tomato and you are good to go!

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